Upland Unified School District On Brink Of Financial Meltdown

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UUSD Auditors are going over the Upland Unified School District’s financial records with a fine tooth comb after having been alerted by the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools to a series of financial irregularities. An examination of the books has already demonstrated, reliable sources tell the Sentinel, misfeasance on the part of current or former district personnel.

Auditors are now zeroing in on several specific matters that could constitute malfeasance, the Sentinel has learned.
The district’s financial circumstance, which has been eroding for three years, grew perilous last year in the aftermath of what has been described as a “laissez faire” approach to management that presumed upon future availability of and increases in revenue that never materialized or was committed elsewhere.

Those problems have manifested in the district being faced with a projected $9 million deficit in the upcoming 2013-14 fiscal year budget. Accordingly, the district must make immediate and substantial cutbacks to its upcoming budget or otherwise become insolvent, triggering a series of measures, including a state takeover. Such a takeover would result in rendering the board of trustees powerless, the loss of the superintendent, reduction of educational services to a minimum to ensure operational costs do not exceed revenue and the imposition of a management regime involving administrative caretakers functioning out of Sacramento.

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Author: James Roberts "The truth teller"

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