Is Nuaimi headed for the Hills? | Mark Nuaimi |

Chino Hills, Ca.,-During his employment with the Town of Yucca Valley, Manager Mark Nuaimi submitted an application to the City of Chino vying to be their city manager along with over 80 competitors in 2012.  Denying that he applied, Nuaimi produced a letter from the Chino HR department that stated he did not submit an application between a certain date time frame…as his proof.

Well, it looks like he may get a second chance to compete for another high profile position now that he has been fired by the Town of Yucca Valley.  It is not for his dream job of Fontana City Manager but a city manager position in Chino Hills, a wealthy suburb of Chino with 76,000 residents.

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Author: James Roberts "The truth teller"

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